Germany 30 - The 30th Anniversary of the German Reunification

Celebrating 30 Years of Reunited Germany: Looking Back & Forward after 30 Years

(Berlin; November 9th, 2021)

The beginning of the First World War put the German people into an ongoing era of division, tensions and violent times, which also influenced all of its neighbours and the world beyond. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, brought about and enabled the reunification of the post-World War II Eastern and Western German States and put to an end 75 turbulent years in German History. The reunification enabled the German people to come together and to create a stable state in the center of Europe, which all European Counties in the EU can embrace as a stabilised regional power. The remarkable events of 1989 opened a unique opportunity for a new peaceful order in Europe, which has strengthened the EU and influenced international trends since then including globalisation. 

The success of a reunited Germany is important to the Germans, the Europeans and for the entire World alike. At the same time, many groups within Germany feel that this important event has left them behind and are indicating instances of injustice. Indeed, some steps should have been taken to care for them differently, however the importance of this successful unification is beyond any regional and personal issues of injustice and is vital for the next decades of peaceful Europe, as a whole. A fragmented Germany within the center of Europe will lead, as it has in the past, only to a destabilised Europe. 

The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy in partnership with other international organisations will celebrate in October 2020 the 30th anniversary of this unimaginable event by holding a conference that will reflect onand analyse the chain of these historic events and the way forward.